Embed and customize guide

There are various ways of sharing Chaperone guides. With friends, colleagues, boss, employees, customers!

You can share your guides’ link via social media and email or embed them in order to ensure the wide dissemination.

Most of our user are afraid about requesting a registration from users. You don’t have to worry because no registration of any kind is required to play a guide. Once guides are embedded in your website, they will be displayed to anyone regardless of the browser the person is using. It can be displayed through a launcher or automatically triggered. Embed is one of the ways we offer to ensure the effective use of your guide by your users.

Chaperone offers you large possibilities of customization. Instead of imposing you Chaperone style and branding, we give you control over the persona of your business so you can alter your guides to fit that persona. Chaperone allows you to remove “Power by Chaperone” and, to customize your steps, the launcher in order to adapt them to your brand or to your website style.

At Chaperone, our first mission is to contribute to businesses growth by offering tailored solutions for training, onboarding and user experience purposes. What is your use case? We love to collaborate with our users, more than our users, we consider you as our partner.