Optimizing user experience with analytics

Companies’ growth depends on customers’ satisfaction. Moreover, the utility of a website, or application depends on the value and the experiences its users have with it. Providing a great user experience require to understand who your users are, where they are from, what they are trying to fix, what their definition of success is. Users tracking can help you get relevant information.

Then, users behavior analysis and segmentation will help you improve their experience. More you know your users, better you are tooled up to serve them and make the right choices for your website.

Here are the simplest solutions provided by Chaperone to get information about your users and efficiently use those information.

Tracking people

We provide you a lot of data about people who are using your website or application :

  • who are your users
  • where are they from
  • which language they speak
  • what attract them the most on your website
  • what is their job title.

Getting Analytics

We help you analyze your users behavior on website.

  • The reason why they come to your website
  • where are they from
  • On which stage they need more help
  • Knowing if the guides have been useful in the case they played them till the end
  • On which stage the users have stopped playing the guides
  • And many more

Analytics helps you see exactly how people are using your product and better understand why they are doing one action or other on your website.

Segmenting users

Now that you have all the necessary information about your users, you know what they are really expecting from you, how your product can match their goals. You will be able to efficiently help them achieve their goals, solve the problems each of them are dealing with specifically. You can focus on your user experience and provide them a solution that meet their need.

We combine all the 3 methods for an optimization of your guidance strategy.

The analytics helps you to identify and measure what’s trendy among the users for a good segmentation. This gives you a global picture of users behaviors. Collecting customer feedback gives you accurate information about your users’ goals, and then you can design your product to match their expectations.

A good users behaviors analysis is the right path to a great user experience.